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further to the south right now towards san jose. that line off the coastline is still developing. that's going to be moving onshore going to bring another band of some heavy rainfall on the way. still the san jose area catching the brunt of it right now in through the santa cruz mountains. and urban and small stream flood advisories have just been issued for the santa cruz county area as we are expecting some strong storms to bring more heavy rainfall there and the possibility of some flooding. in towards san francisco, south san francisco, you have a band of heavy rainfall making its way along the 280 an 101. watch out for that. in the east bay strong storms there, near concord another cell moving in your direction. watch out, danville! in the next five five to 10 minutes it's going to start raining heavily here. the damage is done. we have see a tremendous amount of rainfall and flooding in petaluma along the creek there penngrove, expected to flood this morning. flood warnings are up there. we could see more of that on
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the way not only today but into the weekend as we have more storms lining up. in fact, it looks like this one may slow down a little bit. look at this little wave of energy develop on the back side to enhance the moisture. it's going to focus a little further to the south throughout the morning before we start to see a break. we'll have more on that and let you know more coming up. >> it's been a horrible commute so far this morning. our biggest problem is a power outage on bay area bridges including the lights out as you can see right now at the bay bridge. looks like they were able to get some on approaching the pay gates at the bay bridge toll plaza. but all across the span on the upper and lower decks, it's completely dark as you can see from this live look. this is a view from our roof camera on the top of the cbs 5 headquarters at broadway and battery. so right now the big issue is the metering lights. we talked to caltrans and they are hoping to get the metering lights on a backup system so they may actually be able to turn on the metering lights. we are just not sure at this point. but again, those metering
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lights control the volume of traffic that gets on the upper deck during the commute so it could be an interesting drive into san francisco if they can't get those on. in the meantime, slight delays right now approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. elsewhere, let's go to our dublin cam. live look at westbound 580 approaching 680. this is a big problem all morning. all lanes remain shut down in that westbound 580 drive from hopyard all the way towards 680. some commuters are able to squeeze by using the shoulder. but let's check out our maps. look at the drive time. it can't even be calculated at this point. we know it is super heavy from the livermore valley all the way towards the dublin- pleasanton area. but again, at last check, that drive time was 30 minutes and growing. but we know it's even bigger than that now. traffic essentially at a standstill. here's a live look at the nimitz. north- and southbound 880 approaching the oakland coliseum. so far, so good. our cameras have been rocking and rolling so we know it is windy out there. downed wires, trees in the
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woodside area, california 84 shut down both directions between grandview and highway 35. moderate traffic across the golden gate bridge. once again, wind advisories in effect. use mass transit. bart's been running like clockwork this morning. all trains on time. that's a check of traffic and weather together every 10 minutes here on cbs 5. back to you guys. >> thank you. that storm has been dumping on marin county all night. no one knows that more than cbs 5 reporter anne makovec, in mill valley where there's plenty of local flooding this morning. anne, how are you doing. >> reporter: well, i'm all right. i'm definitely wet. but no real drama up here yet. the problem is when you get the drowned as wet as it is right now. there's a potential for trees to fall because there's it's windy. we travel around in a tall vehicle and that thing has been rocking and rolling this morning. you can see several inches in this parking lot, the park and ride in mill valley. part of it is blocked off so cars don't come and park here because this is something they are used to. you can see this sign back there saying, observe the no parking, high tide flooding and
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we did have the high tide earlier. it is now receding a little. look at the video from 4:00 when we first got here several inches all over the parking lot t looked like some mini lakes. that was all due to the high tide, which has now receded. back out here live, i have done a little bit of improvising. i have these boots on and i fell in a ditch because i was really trying to be intrepid and show you how deep the water was in the ditch. and unfortunately i fell in. my boots are soaked and i had a shopping back in the truck so we are making it happen this morning. and again, luckily, so far no real drama up here. but we're watching it for you. live in mill valley, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> oh, boy, anne, i hope you're okay. all right. thank you. delays at the san francisco airport are already up to 3 hours this morning. the storm is pelting that area with rain as well as wind reported up to 54 miles an hour. it's that sideways rain. >> look at it there. >> no kidding. >> there was even a report of
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lightning there about 3 a.m. flights in and out of san francisco will likely be delayed longer than normal today but cancellations are also possible so the best bet is to contact your airline ahead of time. >> you know it's bad when you can hear that rain. the flash flood warning for sonoma county is expected to expire in just a couple of minutes and this morning santa rosa city schools will decide whether or not to cancel classes today. they are going to make an announcement. we just got an update from pg&e, there are at least 140 customers in the dark here in san francisco. the peninsula has about 4700 customers without power. south bay 2500 customers in the dark and 5800 customers lost power in the north bay. we would like to see some of your storm photos or videos. you can tweet, facebook or email them to us at we'll try to share them later in the show. and, of course, get live hi-def doppler for your neighborhood
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anytime you would like. go to your computer, your laptop, time now is 6:06. a 1-year-old girl in mountain view recovering -- a 13-year- old girl in mountain view recovering from a sexual assaulted. two teens and adult male are under address. they found the girl drunk near castro elementary school wednesday night. there was bruising on her back. according to police the suspects were drinking with the victim at someone's home before the assault. in other bay area headlines a carjacking suspect has been ordered to stand trial in san jose in connection with a january car chase that injured four officers. 28-year-old alejandro gonzalez faces more than a dozen charges. he is accused of punching a man during the carjacking at king and mckee roads then leading police on a car chase on the east side. and police have just released a note tote of seized drugs collected during raids of two smoke shops in fremont. two men were arrested in last month's ladies at rockies, and monsters of rock smoke shops.
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the drugs include those known as spice, salvia and bath salts. michelle, by this afternoon we should know whether the united states supreme court will take up california's same- sex marriage debate. the court is due to post a list of cases it plans to review in the upcoming year. if the prop 8 case is on that list, it would likely be decided sometime next summer. if the justices decide not to hear it an appeals court ruling against prop 8 would stand. >> that's the key question. is it going to be up to the people and have their voices heard and respected at the ballot box or is it going to be something snatched from them by judges from the ninth circuit. >> it's historic for the court to be making a ruling of any kind in this case. and we're confident of our chances of success. >> prop 8 supporters say if their appeal fails it would go against the will of the california voters. president obama hopes to generate support for his plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff" during an appearance today at a
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pennsylvania toy factory. on capitol hill, treasury secretary timothy geithner pitched the president's plan to congress yesterday. it includes 1.6 trillion in new tax revenue and $400 billion in cuts to entitlement programs but it doesn't look like geithner's visit did much good. >> the democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. >> we are waiting for some specifics, somewhere, from our republican colleagues to show that they are serious on negotiations. >> if a compromise is not reached by year's end, automatic tax hikes and across- the-board budget cuts would take effect. 6:09 on your friday now. the car of the year is going up in price. plus, could this be the mystery multimillionaire? take a look. new video of the possible winner of the record powerball jackpot. >> and a messy morning out there. we're on the stormwatch as we go to break with a look at our
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hi-def doppler all covered in green and yellow. an update on the storm when we come back. ,,,,,,
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(ad-lib over live pics of by bridge) welcome back, everybody. we are on the storm watch on this friday. we are going to take a look at our hi-def doppler and there you see it all the green all that yellow telling the story. a monster storm is just sitting right on top of the bay area. in some parts of the north bay, over a half foot of rain believe it or not. it's causing all kinds of problems locally, too. no lights on the bay bridge right now. no lights on the richmond/san rafael bridge. it's causing some big issues for the commute this morning. that's an unbelievable sight right there. >> no kidding. a lot of drivers need to be
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careful on the roads this morning. >> i know. it's only the first of many issues that we have been dealing with. a lot of traffic cameras are showing flashing lights meaning an accident including one in milpitas northbound 880 approaching highway 237. maybe you can see it there in the corner. you can see that lanes are blocked right now. elsewhere at the bay bridge you mentioned the lights are out. we have either full or partial power outages at several of our bridges this morning. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, they were able to get the lights on approaching the pay gates but as you saw from the view of the roof camera, the lights are out on the upper and lower decks. so now the big question is will they be able to turn on the metering lights? it is on a separate grid but again we'll have to wait and see. in the meantime we are starting to see delays behind the bay gates stacking up towards the en of the parking lot. san mateo bridge partial power outage. so far looks okay across the span even though the roads are wet in both directions. let's go toward the dublin interchange.
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it's one of the hot spots this morning and we have a new problem just reported so first the westbound 580 drive. they were able to within the last few minutes reopen lanes approaching hopyard. for a couple of hours they why shut down from hopyard to 680. we are still seeing major delays through the livermore valley and now, just before i got on the air, we are getting word of a cement truck overturned in the eastbound lanes of 580 approaching north flynn. so that's approaching coming through the altamont pass, 580 is basically a mess right now. let's go to our maps and show you some drive times across some stretches. let's see. right now, that westbound 580 you can't even calculate again this has been a problem since early this morning, so the westbound 580 commute is a mess. we are just getting word of a new accident eastbound 580. use bart, all bart trains on time. in fact, all mass transit looks to be pretty good option so far for the morning commute. that is a check of traffic and lawrence has been very busy. your hi-def doppler is all lit
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up. >> those winds just whipping around the bay area, too. of course taking down some trees, power lines, numerous power outages and we're not done. high-def doppler radar showing you the focus sliding a little further to the south right now. you can see all the yellows but off the coast notice this next wave of moisture that's about to move onshore. it's enhancing a little bit and pushing on bringing another round of rain so we have a ways to go before we're done with this storm. the focus though shifting a little further to the south toward the san jose area. you see some rainfall here, heavier amounts around the city towards sunnyvale and cupertino. and in the santa cruz mountains, an urban and small stream flood advisory just issued until 11:00 this morning likely to see some flooding there as the focus is going to head toward the santa cruz mountains. to the east bay pockets of moderate to heavy rain yes amounts of rain near pleasant hill and also into walnut creek. we have had reports of flooding in the north bay at the penngrove there the stream in petaluma. we have had some flooding there. we are expecting to see flash flood watches for the weekend
6:16 am
as we have a series of storms heading our way. even after this storm moves through the threat isn't over. but a wet windy start. we have had gusts over 5 miles per hour near the coastline reports of some thunderstorms. i think it tapers off to showers though by the afternoon. then we'll catch a little bit of a break but storm number 3 expected to move in on saturday night. here's the storm moving through the bay area right now and the reason it's causing the problem is a very slow-moving storm system sliding on through. seeing enhancement on the back of the storm now and boy, these rainfall totals just amazing. over 7" of rain in venado. almost an inch in san francisco. almost half inch into san jose and there's still more rain to come. the cold front going to the south bay and toward the afternoon turning more towards showers outside. then showers on and off through the better part of saturday and then saturday night into sunday important round 3 as this next
6:17 am
storm drops through bringing more heavy rainfall and any more excessive rain could cause more flooding. all right. winter storm warnings in effect in the sierra nevada above 1,000 feet or so another foot of snow expected there. and some very strong gusty winds out of the south to 70 miles per hour. storms beginning to taper off by the afternoon. showers continuing on saturday. another strong storm system on saturday night into sunday. on monday even though we are going to be dry, the russian river is expected to crest near flood stage near guerneville on monday morning. so we have to watch that closely. more showers possible as we head in toward tuesday and wednesday. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. former president george h.w. bush is expected to be released from the hospital this weekend. the elder bush has about in and out of the hospital over the past week for bronchitis. he is 88. doctors say he is in stable condition. another hospital update
6:18 am
from the family of the king of pop. michael jackson's father is recovering from a mild stroke. joe jackson went to the hospital wednesday after he had problem standing and walking. the 84-year-old should be released from the hospital today. one of the people holding a winning powerball ticket may be far away from where the ticket was sole. check out this surveillance video from a store in maryland. the man in the bright yellow outfit there checking his lottery numbers and he gets fired up. the clerk says it's the winning ticket that was sold way out west in arizona. the owner of the ticket from missouri will be revealed later today. powerball tickets will start being sold in california on april 8 with the first drawing a couple of days later. the state lottery commission voted to add it to the offerings. it could be as much as $120
6:19 am
million a year in added revenue for the schools. tesla the electric car company from palo alto is raising the price of all versions of its models. the company announced yesterday that starting january1, the base price will go up to $59,900 before federal tax credits. that's $2,500 more than the current price. the price increase will not apply to cars reserved before december 31. the warriors-nuggets game coming down to a tenth of a second. down to the wire. >> falcons are on fire. the upset to a quarterback's record touchdown streak. the play of the daytimes five. very stormy day here in the sierra nevada. lots more snow coming in that direction. let's check your snow report. winter storm warnings across the high country. heavenly 6" in the last 24
6:20 am
hours and more to come. kirkwood, bring the chains, pretty high base on the snow levels about 7,000 feet. but very windy conditions in the high country. northstar 7" of new snow and plenty more to come. more on your weather when we come back. ♪
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hi-def doppler showing a major storm sliding through the bay area right now. heavier rainfall in parts of the south and east bay. be prepared. you could see some flooding on the roads. it is just not doing good things for the morning commute. chp just checked, covering about 80 different incidents all across the bay area including the lights are out right now along the bay bridge. we have wind advisories in effect for many of our bay area
6:24 am
bridges. and an accident actually in that milpitas camera on 880. traffic alerts still blocking all lanes in livermore. we'll break it all down for you plus get a check of mass transit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> a lot going on this morning. thanks, liz. a nail-biter at the oakland coliseum with the warriors at home against denver. >> it was tight down to the last second. game. nuggets down by one. the ball out from under their own bucket. the desperate three goes in but watch the shot. time expired so it's no good. lucky for the warriors they win it by one. 106-105. they improve to 9-6. how about your college football? stanford cardinal playing for the pac-12 football title tonight on the farm for the second time in a week they are actually going to play ucla once again. played them in the regular season last week and beat them 35-17. stanford is ranked number 8 currently in the country. the bruins not shabby either number 17. hot ticket to sit in the rain tonight on the farm. prices on stubhub up to nearly
6:25 am
$1,200 for the pac-12 game. today's play of the day is not actually a play but a game- long effort by the atlanta falcons defense. they intercepted five passes by new orleans saints quarterback drew brees who clearly had his worst game of his career. he had a tough weekend last weekend against the 9ers, too. still, the falcons only won by 10 points, 20-13 the final. 6:25. some breaking news come from the south bay. there's been a deadly home invasion robbery. this is in a very affluent neighborhood near los gatos. we are going to have a live report coming up in just a few minutes. and also on the storm front, power out. trees down. and major accidents. keep it right here. cbs 5's hi-def doppler is in the perfect location to track the storm. technology aside, i'm out here braving the conditions. we'll tell you how things are in the north bay. it's wet and windy. coming up next. ,,,,,,
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orm causing power pr >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. breaking news on this stormy friday morning. the lights just came back on the bay bridge. but there are power problems on other bridges. good morning, it's friday, november 30. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. we're glad it's friday. we are going to look at our exclusive high-def doppler radar. it's been hashed at work this morning to show you exact -- hard at work this morning to show you exactly where the storm is, right on top of the bay area right now. >>no kidding. it's raining over the bay area right now. we have cbs 5 reporters for you
6:30 am
all over the bay area this morning. anne makovec is in mill valley. cate caugiran is at the embarcadero in san francisco. elizabeth wenger is watching the impact on the commute but first lawrence karnow is in the weather center. you have been busy all morning. >> tremendous storm making its way through the bay area right now and our hi-def doppler showing we're not done yet. a lot of heavy rainfall continuing to fall outside into the south bay. the focus going to shift in that direction throughout the morning hours. you can see lots of the yellows but notice the green off the coast. we are watching another band enhancing as it approaches the coastline. this is going to focus a little further to the south. i think the santa cruz mountains going to get walloped and that's where they have already put up urban and small stream flood advisories through 11:00 this morning. you can see the heavier amounts of rainfall through portola valley, sunnyvale, saratoga to san jose. you have moderate rain. further north plenty of rain in san francisco, pockets to of
6:31 am
heavy veil of in the area of 280. strong band of showers in the east bay through danville, near livermore. that is approaching you. so out the door this morning expect to see heavy rainfall within the nuclear weapons five to 10 minutes. in the north bay we have been watching lots of heavy rainfall some places over 7" of rain in the north bay. we are watching the potential for some flooding here especially in petaluma, along the penngrove creek there we are looking at a flood warning that's just been extended until 9:15 this morning. flooding happening now right along that creek. if you are living in that area, be very careful. that's the latest from here. elizabeth has traffic. >> chp is working about 80 different incidents or accidents all across the bay area. we have had power outages this morning. the lights just came back on, on the bay bridge. so we'll still have to see what this means for the metering lights. there was some talk about running the metering lights on a separate system.
6:32 am
but as last check they were still off. you can see delays approaching the pay gates of the bay bridge toll plaza. we still have wind advisories in on all the bridges this morning. by the way the lights are still out at the richmond/san rafael, our other issue this morning. let's go to our maps. so 580 has been giving us problems so far this morning including a new incidents now. an overturned cements truck blocking all labors. all lanes of eastbound 80 approaching north greenville road in livermore. earlier this morning, we had a really bad accident involving a big rig, an oil spill approaching the dublin interchange in the westbound lanes of 580. drive time sensors are work. it's up to almost an hour it looks like between the altamont pass and 680. 51 minutes. it is super slow through the livermore valley. south bay getting hammered now by rain and a slew of accidents including one in milpitas. you can see the flashing lights on northbound 880 approaching
6:33 am
237, accident there blocking lanes. mass transit great option this morning. all bart trains are on time. that's traffic and weather. back to you. >> take bart if you can. drivers need to watch out for high wind advisory on the bay bridge. we found out firsthand. >> no kidding. we needed both hands on the steering wheels this morning plus the lights just came back on after being off for the morning. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran can see it all from the embarcadero. that's a sight familiar at this time. >> reporter: i know. thankfully for morning commuters the lights literally came on probably about five minutes ago as we were preparing to tell people to be careful on those roads but we want to make note, it is still off on the far corner of the bridge. you can see there's still a string of lights that they are trying to repair. the issue is getting the electrician to fix those lights. we have video of it earlier. you can take a look right now. the lights were both off on the lower and upper deck of the bay
6:34 am
bridge. the bridge is its own entity. it's not on any other grids. metering lights are on a separate system. so when the lights go off on the bridge it's because it specifically is an issue with this bridge way right here. and no other entity would be affected by it. again, the good news is back out live, lights are back on here. traffic seems to be moving smoothly on the bridges. it's clear. before when we are here though it was quite a sight to see the entire bridge dark except for the cars that were running along the freeway or highways here. but as far as the rain is concerned, it is a little bit light out here. but i'm hearing it's a different story in the north bay and that's where we find my colleague anne makovec. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. it is getting heavier here in mill valley right now. [ sound of heavy rain and wind ] >> reporter: the pool of water is likely to get bigger. this is the park and ride in mill valley. this often floods. they are at sea level. they have fences to prevent people from parking and have an electric sign warning people of what happened.
6:35 am
[ loud background noise ] >> reporter: we saw it at its worst around 4 a.m. we took this video. there were lakes all over this parking lot. again, this is one of those areas they prepare for something like this. they know it's coming. when it rains very heavily, this is what happens here. another hotspot is lucky drive north of where i'm standing. everybody is prepared but there's always the unexpected. and a lot of that could come up here in the form of falling trees. the ground is absolutely saturated. more rain on the way. and the winds have been really heavy. we travel around in this high- profile vehicle and the thing has been shaking around here this morning. so so far, no drama. we are just a little bit wet up here in mill valley. i'm live here. back to you guys warm and dry. i'm not jealous or anything. but you know. >> we'll get you out of there in short order. nice job, anne. thanks for braving the elements up there in the north bay. delays at san francisco
6:36 am
airport are already up to 3 hours this morning. the storm pelting that area with rain as well as wind. reports up to 54-mile-per-hour gusts. you can see the water going sideways there. there was even a report of lightning there about 3:00 this morning. flights in and out of san francisco will likely be delayed longer than normal but cancellations are also possible. best bet as always make phone calls get online and check with your airline. that is good advice. we just got an update from pg&e about 300 people are without power right now in the east bay. and there are some 200 customers in the dark in san francisco. crews have restored power to thousands in the peninsula. but 1300 people are still in the dark. the south bay outages are down to 850. but up in the north bay 4,000 customers are without power. we would like to see your storm photos or video. you can tweet, facebook or email them to remember, you can get live hi- def doppler for your neighborhood anytime at our
6:37 am
website, a vallejo rapper on the run since april is under arrest in las vegas. michael lott will be brought to sacramento to face federal drug trafficking charges. investigators say lott is associated with "thizz" entertainment. in april, agents arrested 25 people connected to the label accused of selling drugs. investigators are still trying to track down two more rappers linked to the alleged drug ring. 6:37 now. the united states supreme court is due to reveal today whether it will take up california's same-sex marriage debate. this afternoon the court is due to post a list of cases that it plans to review. if the prop 8 case is on the list, it would likely be decided by next summer. but if the justices opt not to hear it, the appeals court ruling against prop 8 would then stand. >> if the court denies the appeal and marriages resume that's a huge historic day in
6:38 am
california. >> mm-mm. >> if the court hears the case, uhm, we believe we'll have that huge historic day, it will just take place a little bit farther down the road next june. >> prop 8 supporters say if their appeal fails, it would go against the will of the california voters. time now is 6:38. president obama and mitt romney sit down for a little lunch. what may have been said behind closed doors. >> plus, what a police officer did with a new pair of boots that made him an internet sensation. >> and the manhattan just opened up about 10 minutes ago -- and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the numbers. so far not too good. coming up an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:41 am
he's been hyping the storm all week and he's living up to it. >> i was taking a shower by flashlight this morning. a lot of power outages around the bay area.
6:42 am
we have seen tremendous amounts of rain overnight but the focus now is shifting further to the south. you can see in toward the san jose area, we have some heavier amounts of rain moving in that direction. if you are heading out the door right now, it's going to be moderate to heavy rain in along 237 along 87, as well. and also an urban and small stream flood advisory in the santa cruz mountains. so the rain continues on through dublin along 680 towards san ramon. some heavier rainfall there and looks like along the coastline still seeing some more showers. and flash flood watches up throughout the entire weekend now but flash flood warning is extended in effect in the petaluma area until 9:15 this morning. we are looking at the penngrove creek there that's expected to crest above flood stage and so if you livni where in that area, be very, very careful. seek higher ground. in the meantime, though, we are not done with the rain. a wet windy start today. have seen gusts as high as 56 miles per hour. it is going to turn to showers though as we head toward the afternoon but storm number 3 moving in late saturday night
6:43 am
and into sunday. the problem with this storm system, it causes so much rainfall is because of very slow movement. it's going to take its time getting out of the bay area this morning. so we have see tremendous amounts of rain the heaviest in the north bay over 7" at venado, over 4" in st. helena, almost 5 there. in santa rosa almost 3" of rain. but the focus now shifting a little bit further to the south. you can see on our futurecast model now, the buckets of rain going to start to really fall into the santa cruz mountains. they will see some very heavy rainfall through the morning hours. still some lighter rain as we head in toward the middle of the day but catching a break in the north bay but then it turns to more widely scattered showers as we head in toward the afternoon. but then things pick up once again late saturday night into sunday. here's storm number 3 and again, any rainfall on top of what we already have could cause more flooding concerns throughout the weekend. not only there, but that rainfall of course ends up in the high country. snow levels very high, this is subtropical moisture on top of this one so 7,000 feet or so.
6:44 am
another 12" of snow possible in the high country, gust to 70 miles per hour. traveling there, be very, very careful. stormy weather continuing this morning, showers this afternoon, more showers on saturday and then that next strong storm drops in late saturday night into sunday. we catch a break come monday but more showers on tuesday and wednesday. it was crazy coming in today, elizabeth. >> i know. it still remains crazy about 80 to 90 different incidents across the bay area. incidents or accidents. we are just hearing of capitol corridor delays. apparently a tree fell in the tracks in pinole so they are single tracking in the area. other mass transit would be a great option because let's go towards 580, if you are traveling near the dublin interchange, we are still seeing huge delays all the way from the livermore valley towards dublin. there was an earlier crash for a while, several hours in fact, blocking all lanes and now we're still getting word of this traffic alert. it's in livermore. all lanes remain blocked eastbound 580 but it's going against the commute approaching north greenville where a cements truck overturned. towards the bay bridge, another
6:45 am
issue has been these lights. we had a power outage at the bay bridge. and you can see the lights are back on approaching the pay gates of the bay bridge toll plaza. still no metering lights. so at this point we are still not sure if that's related to the earlier power outage. and we actually go out from a roof cam, we can see that the lights are back on in the western span but check out some lights on the eastern part of the bridge. there is still a partial power outage affecting the eastern side of the bridge so no metering lights. this should be interesting for the morning commute because the metering lights control the volume of traffic that is allowed on the upper deck during commute hours. let's go check out some other cameras. the nimitz, this has been busy this morning in terms of shaking back and forth because the wind are still gusty. we have a lot of wind advisories in effect for just about every bridge across the bay area. southbound 880 you can see it is slick but looks okay right now towards the oakland coliseum, slew of accidents in the south bay. everywhere you see a red tab is
6:46 am
a different accident including one in milpitas. northbound 880 approaching 237, the silicon valley commute already pretty backed up leaving milpitas. downtown wires and trees here since we got on the air at 4:30 this morning. both directions of highway 84 shut down in woodside between grandview and highway 35. mass transit so far except for the capitol corridor delays on time. back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. a setback on consumer spending partly because of superstorm sandy. here now to chat about it, jason brooks with kcbs and on a friday. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's about the "fiscal cliff" on wall street but we have a number of positive signals on the economy. consumer spending did pull back in october according to the commerce department by 2/10 this is the of a percent following an 8/10th of a
6:47 am
percent of gain in the previous month. superstorm sandy depressed spending. unless holiday sales soar over the 4th quarter it's going to be tough for the economy to continue the gain of 2.7% that the commerce department reported in the 3rd quarter yesterday. stockton focused on any talks out of d.c. -- stock market focused on any talks out of d.c. on the "fiscal cliff." the dow over 13,000. pretty modest start to the day today. right now the dow is up by 5 points. nasdaq though falling by 3. s&p down by one. social game maker zynga getting hit hard after announcing it and facebook are changing their partnership. zynga down 7.5%, facebook down slightly. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and a tale of two uncomfortable pairings. first the san francisco 49ers with two starting quarterbacks. and a power lunch between the president and his former
6:48 am
republican rival. >> bet that was fun. phil matier and willie brown join us. mr. mayor, you have had your share of photo ops over the years. what happens when the cameras go away and what do you think they had to say to one another? [ laughter ] >> it certainly wasn't pleasant. and it is not publishable and would you probably only hear it at the book of mormon. [ laughter ] >> come on. you got to be sitting there, you're in the white house, one guy won, the other guy, you know, says nice try and you had to put the slam in there, didn't you? you had to. >> i hope they each had a taster. [ laughter ] >> but do politicians ever let their guard down when it's all over or is it always on your guard at meetings like this? >> at meetings like this for pr purposes yes because you think the other guy might bewaring a wire. but you really tell him how dumb you think he was and why did he do that and your mother was offended not you. >> the comeback to that would be, well, you weren't so bright
6:49 am
either. >> no, you deserved it. if you had been telling the truth. >> are you serious? >> i'm deadly serious. >> are you kidding me? >> you think i would pass up an opportunity? >> of a beat somebody, you would continue to slam it or would you sit there and and say, hey, how about ohio, what happened? >> no. i'm not going to give away secrets. are you kidding me? i want to keep this conversation as bland as the person i'm talking to. >> why? >> you simply know there will be another day and now when he walks out of there he is already programming how he is going to take you out. >> then why meet in the first place? i mean, is it just for public perception? >> totally and completely. it is barack obama when he makes his generous statement on the night he received the votes he says and i will be reaching out and inviting my opponent to come in and talk. give me a break. you won the deal. >> why does romney do it? >> romney couldn't turn it
6:50 am
down. how do you turn it down? it's one-upmanship. >> he did it with mccain four years ago, as well, right? >> yes. he is always doing things like that. that's just who he is. but again, you know, he has some issues. he really doesn't enjoin people. >> he doesn't? >> no. not at all. >> the president? >> no. >> you're right. >> no, he doesn't enjoy people. >> you had one of the early supporters of him back when he was running for senator and he is just not comfortable. >> he is not comfortable among people, period. and it's amazing to be so spectacularly successful, so gifted, normally you have to be a bill clinton. you have to not ever want to be alone. [ laughter ] >> that's what politics is about, never wanting to be alone. always want to be in the game in front of the crowd. >> they question. >> a little shift before we go. football. >> yes. >> 49ers. >> yes. >> you have done your time as a sports commentator. [ laughter ] >> what do you think of -- >> those were my good days. i loved that. >> speaking of two guys that have a lot in common and a lot
6:51 am
of tension, what about the quarterback situation? >> well, it had to come ultimately to somebody else replacing alex smith. recall at the end of last season after having a spectacular season, harbaugh went out and tried to get the old manning to come to san francisco and play with the 49ers. instead he went to denver. >> he went to denver. that's where he is playing. >> michelle's old stomping grounds. >> denver over here. >> we tried to get him but he chose denver over us. if i'm alex smith that's pretty clear. i'm clearly not your first choice. and so consequently at some point, you're going to find your first choice and i think harbaugh has found his first choice. >> here's a guy that was playing great. he just came off a rams game where he connected on like 16 of 17 pass a couple of touchdowns. got a concussion, out of the game and they bring in the rookie or the second year guy. how do you lose your job after this guy has been a good
6:52 am
soldier and done his job? >> it's pro football. you go with the guy who is sparkling. you go with the guy that pleases you more. you go with the guy who plays with your image and this guy, with all of his tatoos and his viking haircut and all the other things -- >> there you go. >> -- he is dramatically different. >> it's a cut throw business. >> politics. >> phil, mayor, thank you so much. >> you know, the other night when we were at the thing were you doing skating rink, the ice skating rink, i hurt my back! >> you did? you almost fell. >> i was trying to catch you. >> yeah. i noticed you turned your back. [ laughter ] >> still love you, mayor. all right. thanks. okay. an officer's act. kindness has gone viral. this picture right here on youtube. it was a cold night in new york city when an arizona tourist snapped this pink and it shows an officer giving a barefoot homeless man a new pair of boots. he spent about a hundred dollars on the boots plus some socks and nearly half a million people have "liked" it on the
6:53 am
department's facebook page. >> i just looked down at this gentleman's feet and could you see the blisters from a distance and it was so cold that i knew i had to do something. >> the homeless man said he had never had a pair of shoes. the officer says he keeps a receipt in his bulletproof vest to remind him that there are always people who need help. >> really nice. >> yeah. it is 6:53. a check of your top stories including a deadly home invasion in a south bay neighborhood. we'll have the latest. >> plus, more storm coverage continues. that's our big story of the day. a look at our hi-def doppler as we go to break. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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expensive towns. a woman called 9- 11 to say so home 6:57. breaking news now.
6:57 am
investigators are at the scene of a deadly home invasion robbery in one of the silicon valley's most exclusive towns. a woman called 911 to say someone broke into the home she shares with her husband around 1:30 this morning near beck avenue on monte serrano. suspect took off. police say when they arrived they found the home ransacked and the body of a man inside. the woman was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. and firefighters battled a house fire in the rain here at san francisco early this morning. the one-alarm fire forced several people from a home on 35th avenue just after 5:00 this morning. firefighters say everyone was out before they even got to the scene. two families have been displaced because of that fire. and a big story this morning, it's the storm causing many problems across the bay area. we just got update from pg&e. 300 people are without power in the east bay. there are some 200 customers in the dark in san francisco.
6:58 am
crews have restored power to thousands in the peninsula but 1300 people are still in the dark at this hour. the south bay outages are down to 850 but up in the north bay 4,000 customers are without power. marin county took a lot of rain overnight. the park and ride lot at the edge of richardson bay flooded at high tide this morning. there are warning signs all over about that. along with the heavy rain there have been strong winds. farther north there is a flash flood warning in the petaluma area until 9:15 a.m. >> sonoma county up there. you said half a foot of rain in some areas? >> yeah. over 7" of rain in parts of the north bay. so i mean, this is a tremendous storm. we have a lot more rain to come. i want to show you this on our high-def doppler radar. you see that heavy storm moving through but just off the coast we're watching the stormens hans now. that means we are going to see more heavy rainfall moving onshore. the focus will be san francisco southward. you see a little wave developing on the back side of the storm system bringing more heavy rain through this morning and then turns to showers by the afternoon. showers on saturday.
6:59 am
another strong storm could bring more flooding concerns on sunday. >> all right. we'll get a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. they are working to get the lights resort on the upper deck but there may be outages on the eastern span. and they still haven't turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge. we assume it's something to do the with earlier power outages. it is stacking up in lanes. westbound 580 drive is still super busy after a crash near the dublin interchange and a traffic alert eastbound 580 in livermore. >> it's been a busy morning. captions by: caption colorado

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